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Empower your campaigns with the most reliable and affordable predictive dialer

Simple and transparent pricing for any organization or campaign starting from $0.08 /min


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$0.08 /minute

Averages out to approximately


No setup fees
No monthly plan
Purchase à la carte
Pay as you go

Take HubDialer for a test drive with 500 free minutes! Get your account up and running in minutes with no set up fee or credit card required.

    What is Included:

  • Choice of Predictive and/or Preview mode

  • Choice of web only, phone only and blended campaign options

  • Ability to call cell phones with the Predictive dialer

  • VAN integration

  • Dynamic and multilingual scripts

  • Real time monitoring and reporting

  • Patch through calling

  • Advanced filtering and list curating options

  • Full service support


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$0.02 /SMS segment
$0.04 /MMS message


Free 10DLC registration
SMS and MMS texting
Purchase à la carte
Pay as you go

Unsure about texting? Enjoy 10,000 free text segments when you sign up for a free trial. And there's no set up fee or credit card required!

    What is Included:

  • Choice of Broadcast and/or Peer-to-Peer campaigns

  • Free 10DLC Registration

  • Send SMS and/or MMS texts

  • VAN integration

  • Real time monitoring and reporting

  • Advanced filtering and list curating options

  • Enhanced supervisor oversight

  • Full service support


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Ask about our special
pricing if you are:

A returning customer
Acting on a referral
A female and/or minority candidate
A female and/or minority owned business
A down ballot race
A general consulting firm

    What is Included:

  • Everything included in Calling and Texting

  • More equitable pricing

  • Greater accessibility for small organizations and down ballot races

We Text


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from $0.05 /SMS segment
from $0.07 /MMS message


Full service Peer-to-Peer texting
without the need for volunteers/staff
Real time reporting and campaign monitoring
Included in your HubDialer account and can be activated at any time!

For when you're trying to send Peer-to-Peer texts but you don't have enough volunteers/staff to send all the messages. You control all the elements of the texting campaign like contact lists, scripts and timing, and HubDialer does all the sending for you. You get all the benefits of a Peer-to-Peer campaign with the ease of a Broadcast campaign!

Season Pass

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The unlimited, all-you-can-eat, Season Pass for Democratic committees. For a one-time fee, you get unlimited access to HubDialer's dialer and texting platforms for the month, the quarter, or the entire election cycle! That's unlimited calls and texts, supervisor accounts and agent slots All. THE. TIME!

Some previous Season Pass customers include:

New York State Democratic Committee ‘23
Wisconsin Democratic Party ’23
Kentucky Democratic Party ’23
Vermont Democratic Party ’22
Connecticut Democratic Party ’22
Kansas Democratic Party ‘22

pricing-emphasis-image Hubdialer's pricing saves campaign managers
30%-50% compared to other predictive dialers pricing-emphasis-end-image

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HubDialer is a perfect fit for a wide range of activities

  • Deep Canvasing
  • Fundraising
  • Candidate donor calls
  • Volunteer recruitment (VR)
  • Confirmation calls (confirms)
  • Direct voter contact calls (DVC)
  • GOTV
  • Curing ballots

More than 1000 campaigns and organizations use Hubdialer
to connect with their voters, communities and volunteers.

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Start a free trial and get 500 free minutes to launch
your campaigns today!

Why charge per minute and not per dial?

That's because predictive dialers average 4-5 calls per minute, and those dials add up quickly. Most folks simply don't answer numbers they don't recognize and it takes a few tries before your volunteers actually connect with someone.

With HubDialer's price per minute model it doesn't matter if your volunteers talk to just 1 person, or 10 people, each minute; it's all the same minute as far as we're concerned.

This per minute pricing model has proven to be the simplest and most cost effective approach when it comes to real world applications. With predictive dialers averaging 4-5 calls per minute, per dial pricing can result in 1.6 - 2.2x the cost of HubDialer!

How else is HubDialer's pricing better than other predictive dialers?

HubDialer is free to sign up and has no monthly/annual subscription cost.

Pay-as-you-go to ensure you have exactly what you need exactly when you need it.

Purchase minutes à la carte on an as needed basis with no minimum purchase requirement.

And when you’re finished, there’s nothing to cancel and there’s no final invoice to worry about - you’ve already bought the minutes you used so that’s it!

How does HubDialer charge calls: per minute or per dial?

HubDialer charges per minute, which reduces the total calling costs significantly.

For instance, it is normal to average 4-5 dials per minute when calling with predictive dialers, which translates to a price as low as $0.016 per dial ($0.08/min divided by 5 dials per minute = $0.016 per dial).

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