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Phone banking refers to a process of contacting potential voters via telephone to persuade them to vote for a particular candidate or cause. This type of voter outreach usually involves volunteers who make phone calls to identify supporters, raise funds, get people to attend events, and encourage them to vote. Volunteers who participate in phone banking efforts often make a real difference by reaching out to hundreds of potential voters each day. Thanks to volunteers, political organizations can use phone banking for targeted activities such as GOTV (Get Out The Vote) or recruit more volunteers by connecting directly with communities. Phone banking can be an effective way to reach large numbers of voters in a short time. Volunteer calls can be used in conjunction with other methods of voter outreach, such as door-to-door canvassing or distributing campaign materials. Political phone banking process Effective phone banking targets specific groups of voters, such as those who live in swing states or who have voted in previous elections. 

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